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At Curran Bookkeeping, we address the growing pains of successful small businesses. When “wearing all the hats” becomes impossible, we step in “virtually” and relieve the burden of the bookkeeping and tax preparation.


Our Company Purpose

The goal of the Curran Bookkeeping team is to bring value to our clients. Everything we do is centered on that goal: Our attention to detail, our clear and concise communication, our training videos and sessions, and our passion for discovering more ways we can bring value to their businesses..

About Us

Meet our Founder

Hi! My name is Sheri Curran. I have personally been involved in bookkeeping from the beginning, helping in my parents’ office at a young age.

When I realized my love for it, I began to find other opportunities to develop the skills. I worked for various companies over the years, in their accounting departments. I also spent many years managing the books for my husband’s construction company.

Deciding to offer this service to other businesses was the perfect fit for me. Through my experience, I have come to realize some of the struggles that small-business owners have, trying to keep up with it all. 


What services do we provide?

Monthly Bookkeeping

Each client receives a dedicated bookkeeper to classify & record transactions, reconcile accounts, and ensure everything is in proper order.

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Financial Advising

We produce and present financial reports to our clients & conduct regular reviews to make recommended improvements. Budgeting and benchmarking also available.

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Tax Prep & Filing

Our team produces ongoing organization and preparation for taxes and annual filing services available.

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What Is Virtual Bookkeeping?

What Is Virtual Bookkeeping?

The new age of online community has forever changed the way we do business. It has brought us closer to customers and clients and also to people who can help us with the operations of our day to day business. Many companies have found telecommuting positions to be a...

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Growing Pains – Where’s the Money?

Growing Pains – Where’s the Money?

One thing I’ve noticed as I’ve been talking with the owners of growing businesses, is their need to get their money figured out. Now, I’m not talking about the “making money” part, but figuring out the “what’s coming in and what’s going out” part. If you haven’t...

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Yearly Bookkeeping Tasks for your Small Business

Yearly Bookkeeping Tasks for your Small Business

The beginning of the year can be a perfect time for a “reset.” Taking time to reflect on the previous year and making new goals for the year to come can make a profound impact on the success of your business. Part of your goal making should include how you are going...

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