The new age of online community has forever changed the way we do business. It has brought us closer to customers and clients and also to people who can help us with the operations of our day to day business. Many companies have found telecommuting positions to be a favorable arrangement, beneficial for both the business and the worker.

One of the most crucial areas of assistance necessary to business owners, is the area of bookkeeping. Our digital environment has met this need with Virtual Bookkeepers.

What is Virtual Bookkeeping? It is the process of a bookkeeper providing services for a client remotely, instead of physically working at a client’s office. The services performed as a virtual bookkeeper are “virtually” the same—pun intended. 🙂

A virtual bookkeeper does everything through the “cloud,” posting financial transactions, reviewing statements, reconciling accounts, and even filing receipts and documents.

Besides being able to delegate work to an expert, one of the greatest advantages to a business owner, is the money they can save. Hiring an employee would cost 10 times the amount a professional virtual bookkeeper would charge. It just makes sense!

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